In the first 28 minutes, Mali scored the lead, but after that, he was unable to attack for a long time. At the end of the game, the opponent's set ball was tied. On the afternoon of October 21, the 16th round of the Super League, Shenzhen Football did not usher in a major reversal and a 1-1 draw. Tianjin TEDA, with a total score of 1 to 3, was eliminated, and the plan to relegation at the fastest speed was ruined. Perhaps half a month ago, not many people could have imagined that it would be so difficult to relegation to get the fifth place deep foot in the group in the first stage of the Super League after spending a lot of effort to sign up.

在前28分钟,马里取得了领先,但此后,他很长一段时间都无法进攻。在比赛结束时,对手的放球被平局。 10月21日下午,中超联赛第16轮,深圳足球没有迎来重大逆转和1-1平局。天津泰达以1比3的总成绩被淘汰,以最快的速度降级的计划被毁了。也许半个月前,没有多少人能想到,在花了很多精力签约之后,要降级到超级联赛第一阶段的小组第五名将是如此困难。

In fact, since Praliganji registered as the seventh foreign player of the season, Shenzu has become a bad offensive team. Although Shenzhen Football scored 20 goals in the first stage, the efficiency has improved a lot from last season, but after the top scorer Mali was injured, Shenzhen Football lost the most stable scorer. In the first round against TEDA, Shenzhen Football had an advantage in almost all offensive statistics, but the goal conversion rate was zero and the results of hard work were zero.


Although Mali returned to the line and scored a goal in the second round of the confrontation between the two sides, it was still too difficult for the deep foot to win two goals in a row. The deep-foot coach Cruyff attacked with a 343 formation. In fact, the team did not play a lot of good cooperation, and more often found opportunities through the wing.


Shenzhen Football made 37 passes in this game, but only made 10 shots. This may be the last resort of Cruyff. Since Ohan Deza, the hero of the “Cross Overtake,” left the team in 2019, the “tank” that can smash into the opponent’s defense is missing from the deepfoot arsenal, and there is also a lack of a “small tank” that can tear the opponent’s defense with speed. Motorcycle". This year, Bifuma did not show a bright performance after joining, and the team did not introduce a speed-type foreign forward after he left the team. The difficulty of relegation has been foreshadowed since then.

深圳足球在本场比赛取得了37次传球,但只射了10球。这可能是克鲁伊夫的最后选择。自“穿越超车”的英雄Ohan Deza于2019年离开球队以来,深足军火库就缺少了可以摧毁对手防守的“坦克”,而且缺少“小坦克”会很快撕毁对手的防守。 ”。今年,比福玛(Bifuma)加入后表现不佳,车队离开车队后也没有引进速度型的外国前锋。从那以后,降级的困难就被预见了。

At the end of the game, the whistle blew, TEDA players entered the rhythm of celebration. It's also a coincidence that TEDA coach Wang Baoshan has led the Shenzhen Football Club to relegation many times before, and has played the Shenzhen Football Club to desperation in the last two seasons. Behind the TEDA players were Mali who knelt on the ground and wept bitterly, as well as the deep-footed players and assistant coaches with dull eyes. Watching Wang Baoshan calmly walked into the celebration crowd, the eyes of deep football fans burst into tears. Perhaps everyone is at a loss. Where does Shenzu go in the end?


Losing in the two-round duel with TEDA does not mean that the hope of relegation has been shattered. It's just that regardless of whether the opponent is from Dalian or Shijiazhuang Yongchang in the next round, the pressure will be even greater-if you lose again, you will enter a duel between 15 and 16 places. By then, you will have "half your legs" back in the middle. So starting from the next round of the duel, it really enters the stage of "life and death".


Cruyff needs to get the players out of the confusion as soon as possible. There is no room to adjust the structure of foreign aid, nor time to hone new tactics. What can change is the mentality. Only when Cruyff Jr. said "adapt to changes as soon as possible, understand the importance of the game and give it all" can we see the hope of staying in the Super League.


Shenzhen Evening News Reporter Lin Weihang photographed Li Jiangwen

she N镇evening news reporter Lin Wei行photographed l i Jiang问

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